Hannah Pratt: December Artist of the Month

December 10, 2020 By megan-harrigan

We are proud to announce Hannah Pratt as our agency artist of the month for December 2020! Hannah sat down with her peer, and curating committee member, Omar Abulsheikh to discuss her art practice. Read on for the full interview…

OA: Good morning.

HP: Hi.

OA: You draw a lot of cats, but do you actually have a cat? 

HLP: Uh, yeah! I have a cat named Morris.

OA: What drives you to draw cats?

HP: Draw cats? Yes, I like to draw cats. I basically only draw cats!

Hannah Pratt, Rising Storm, 2020, Colored Pencil on Paper, 17″x11″

OA: [Nods] Where did you get your ideas?

HP: I get my ideas from Warrior Cats. It’s a book series that I like to read which is basically about cats in the wild. 

OA: Which warrior cat book is your favorite?

HP: I don’t know which one is my favorite, since I like a lot of them. There’s just too many to choose from. There’s actually over 80 books.

OA: What is your art background? 

HP: My background? I started drawing when I was a little kid and I’ve taken a lot of art classes in high school and I took classes in college as well. I’ve been drawing pretty much all my life.

Hannah Pratt, Midnight, 2020, Colored Pencil on Paper, 17″x11″

OA: Where did you get your ideas? 

HP: Online, in the books that I read, and I have my own characters that I like to draw. I don’t know, I just have a lot of ideas in my head that I like to put on paper. 

OA: [Nods] Hmm…what’s your favorite warrior?

HP: My favorite warrior? I like Hollyleaf and Dovewing.

OA: What’s your favorite food?

HP: My favorite food is cheese pizza.

OA: What’s your favorite TV show?

HP: Rick and Morty. OH! And my favorite movie is The Lion King. The Lion King is a huge favorite of mine. I’ve watched it so many times, I can basically recite it. I watch it in my sleep!

OA: What’s your favorite superhero?

HP: I really like Iron Man. Oh, and Thor.

OA: Your favorite comedy?

HP: Comedy? I like The Producers by Mel Brooks, and also Blazing Saddles.

Hannah Pratt, The Darkest Hour, 2020, Colored Pencil on Paper, 17″x11″

OA: Do you play video games at home?

HP: Yeah! I like Skyrim, Dragon Age, and Pokemon. Those are my favorite video games. 

OA: [Nodding enthusiastically, smiling behind his mask] What’s your favorite music?

HP: I don’t know if I have any. Well, I like Billy Eilish and Duran Duran.

OA: Do you draw at home?

HP: Yeah, I draw a lot. I take commissions, basically I just draw people’s characters and pets for them, and I have social media that I post my art on. 

OA: Do you like to cook?

HP: No, not really. I don’t like to cook. 

HP: Umm… so, is that it?

OA: Yeah. that’s it. Done. 

HP: Ok, it was nice talking to you! 

OA: Ok. 

Hannah Pratt, Fire and Ice, 2020, Colored Pencil on Paper, 17″x11″