Happy Birthday, Ralph! We Miss You!

January 13, 2017 By vincent-uribe

Ralph Bemont joined the Chicago Studio in January 2016, after working for decades at Austin Special.  From the moment he walked in the door, we knew he was a natural.  Making art was a source of great joy for him and there was no limit to his creativity.  He had been drawing and painting for many years, so once he got to do it full time, his practice really took off!  He had a penchant for landscapes, including cattle farms inspired by his family in Louisiana, and the wilds of Alaska.  Even more than being a great artist, he was a great friend!  He was always willing to listen, and give a reassuring word or tell a joke to cheer you up.  He had a deep curiosity about the world around him.  He kept up to date on politics and sports, but was always open to learning more.  And when we needed help with studio clean-up, he was the first to raise his hand.  Ralph passed away suddenly in October after struggling with ongoing health issues.  His absence is greatly felt at the Chicago Studio, despite his brief time here.  He made a big impression!  And we will all continue to strive toward the shining example he set.  We will always miss him, but his memory and his time with us were such a blessing!We want to honor his birthday, January 14, with some memories of his time with us: Ralph was a big help!  He made a lot of friends!  We both liked comics a lot.  We’re gonna miss him. – Christina Ralph was always trying to make me a better man.  He knows how I’m feeling.  He always made sure I was staying healthy.  When I got stressed out, he was on my side to help me out.  He’s like part of my family.  I’ll never forget him – Dave He was a very friendly person.  He always came over to talk to me.  We ate lunch together and talked politics.  He was a terrific artist too.  We’ll miss him very much. – Lee Ralph had one heck of a smile.  He liked to joke around, but he really cared about what happened to each of us.  I miss having him around. – Steve He was a good role model and artist.  Very spiritual.  And a wonderful friend.  I like his artwork.  God will be with him.  I am keeping his family in mind. – Christianne He was a great artist and a great friend! – Susan