Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

March 21, 2014 By vincent-uribe

Happy World Down Syndrome Day! At The Arts of Life we have many friends with Down syndrome and always love an opportunity to celebrate how awesome they are. One of our wonderful community partners, Oak Wealth Advisors, has put together a great document based on interviews with families who are raising children with Down syndrome. Check it out! And make sure to share the Down syndrome love!


For families with children with Down syndrome

1. Schedule special one-on-one time with each of your children so that they all feel special and appreciated

2. Be flexible and prepared to adapt as your child’s needs change

3. Set realistic goals with your child and help him/her reach his/her potential

4. Celebrate milestones and achievements – they may be different than what society glorifies but they are no less meaningful

5. Involve yourself in your child’s academic settings as there seems to be a positive correlation between increased parental involvement in school and the academic successes of their children with Down syndrome

6. Seek job opportunities for your child with Down syndrome that include social interaction – for many, the jobs with the highest levels of satisfaction involve human interaction

7. Investigate available resources in your community and school district and be an advocate for your child getting the services you want him/her to have

8. Do not respond immediately with an attorney when you encounter difficulties with your school district, but be prepared to engage one at any time

9. Take care of yourself – date nights and other sources of respite are beneficial for your health and well being

10. Keep your focus on what is important – you can waste valuable time and resources on trivial matters if you do not prioritize your efforts

These recommendations come from meetings and discussions with parents who are raising children with Down syndrome and are provided solely as a reference. They are not intended to replace counseling from qualified professionals. Please contact Mike Walther or Randi Gillespie if you would like more information about Oak Wealth Advisors and our services for families with special needs members.