Jean Wilson: March artist of the month!

March 3, 2021 By megan-harrigan

Join us in congratulating Jean Wilson—our March artist of the month! Wilson has been a distinguished member of our Chicago studio since 2007 where she shares her talent as a visual artist and musician in the Arts of Life band.

North Shore studio artist and curator track member, Aria Carter, interviewed Wilson for this month’s feature. Read on for the details of their exchange:

Jean Wilson, Gob at Home, 2019

AGC: How does it feel to be an artist of the month?

JW: Good.

AGC: Can you tell us a little bit about the themes in your artwork?

JW: I like music.

AGC: music? 

JW: Yep.

Jean Wilson, Stereo, 2020

AGC: That’s good! How do your lists of words function in your artwork?

JW: Oh my t-shirt! Yeah, my t-shirt! You like my shirt?

AGC: Yes.

JW: Yep, t-shirt!

AGC: Do you remember?

JW: Yes, I remember.

Jean Wilson, Limited Edition “Notes Tee”

AGC: What is your philosophy on life?

JW: I don’t know.

AGC: What is your favorite things to eat?

JW: Chicken!

AGC: Oooh! That’s lovely! What’s your favorite things to do?

JW: Go to the park.

Jean Wilson, Deep Dish Jelly Pizza, 2020

AGC: Oh. Good question. What type of artist you are?

JW: I’m a good artist!

AGC: Oh! What is your favorite color?

JW: Blue.

AGC: Blue. And I have a question. What is your favorite movie?

JW: Count Dracula.

AGC: Count Dracula—yes I like it! I have a question. What is your favorite music?

JW: Rock and Roll.

AGC: Rock and Roll! And what is your favorite band?

JW: The Beach Boys!

AGC: Oh. I like the Beach Boys.

JW: Yep. The Beach Boys and the Conway Brothers.

Jean Wilson, Happy Wolf, 2019

AGC: Why do you paint all these wolves and the dogs?

JW: Because I like them.

AGC: Oh. You like them? 

JW: Yep.

AGC: That sounds amazing!

JW: Yep!

AGC: I have a question, Jean. 

JW: Yes?

AGC: How many you paint in the wolf collection?

JW: I don’t know. I’ve got some at home. I can bring some here.

Jean Wilson, Sunny Breakfast, 2019

AGC: What is your favorite personal style?

JW: I don’t know.

AGC: What is your favorite sports?

JW: Swimming!

AGC: Swimming? 

JW: Yes, swimming. I love swimming!

AGC: Oh. I love swimming! I think I am finished. Thank you so much

JW: You’re welcome!

Jean Wilson, Elvis Rock, 2014