Lawrence: Chicago Studio’s Artist of the Month for June

June 14, 2018 By catherine-norcott

As bright as a bouquet of flowers on a sunny day, Lawrence’s soft brushwork graces the waiting room during the month of June.  As Artist of the Month, he brings a smile to everyone who visits the studio, through his personality and his practice. He was selected this month by fellow abstract artist and curator, Susan Pasowicz.  Below are some of the comments made when she presented his work with Catherine Norcott, the Studio Manager.


Susan: What do you like about Lawrence’s art?

Jean: I like all his colors.  Like a rainbow!

Guy: There is purple and green.  It is good! Very proud!

Dave: I think it looks hot!  I can see all the colors! Green and brown and purple, and even black.  It looks like thunder!

Christianne:  It is kind of different.  I think he’s doing good with the colors.  But he needs some outlines.

LD: I don’t like the colors, they are too dark.  But the brushstrokes are fantastic! They really stand out.


Catherine: Sue, what is your favorite piece?

Susan: I like that one, Purple Rainbow Candle.  It is a nice piece, with different colors in it.  It is abstract. It makes me think of a rainbow, because it has so many colors.  It has orange and green. There’s some black that looks like a cloud, because of the way it is shaded.


Catherine: It looks like each piece you chose was a painting.  What made you pick those over collages or drawings?

Susan:  Well, because I like the way he makes art.  He never had the chance to be artist of the month before, so I picked him.  He uses wavy brushstrokes when he paints. There’s a lot of energy and power in that.  


Catherine: Are there similarities and differences that stand out?

Susan: Lawrence chose a variety of colors for the different pieces, but many of the colors are the same.  He puts the light colors next to the dark colors, so he has contrast. He makes wavy lines with his brush.  They look soft.


Newer to the studio, Lawrence is a highly productive maker, still exploring varied techniques and styles.  His imagery ranges from rainbow watercolor and acrylic paintings, layered collages, and drawings of cartoon characters and animals.  There are many ways to interpret Lawrence’s artwork. His spacious brushwork evokes different moods for every viewer.


Susan: How does it make you feel when you look at Lawrence’s art?

Jean: It looks pretty!  It makes me feel happy!

Dave: To me it feels kind of sad or grouchy.  Like when someone gets emotional or upset.

Steve: All the different colors make me happy.  To me it looks like a cave.

Lee: It makes me feel sad, because some of the colors are dark.  I would add more bright colors to liven it up.


Susan: What inspired you to make your art, Lawrence?

Lawrence: The rainbow.