Meet Alyx Harch: Chicago Studio Abstract Specialist

December 12, 2016 By vincent-uribe

The Chicago Studio is excited to welcome Alyx Harch into our community.  After volunteering with The Arts of Life in 2014, Alyx is back in the studio working 4 days a week as our new abstract Genre Specialist.           Alyx has a passion for art that began at a very young age.  “It dates back to when I was young,” she said.  “My mom was an artist and art teacher so I grew up making art my entire childhood.”  Alyx attended Lusher Charter School, an art intensive high school, and then went on to study painting and fibers at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).   Post graduation, Alyx maintains an independent studio practice in Chicago.  In her free time, she enjoys watching local musicians, dancing, cooking, biking, and gardening.   Alyx first found volunteer opportunities at The Arts of Life through an internship fair at SAIC.  “I remember after my first day volunteering, I felt like skipping home because I was so happy to have found an organization I respected so thoroughly,” she said.  “I really fell in love with The Arts of Life.  I got a peek into how this community functions and met a lot of new artists to collaborate with.”   In her short time as a staff member in our studio, Alyx’s enthusiasm surrounding our artists and their work has been renewed.  “In the three weeks I’ve been here it’s already inspiring my own arts practice,” she said.  “My experience here is mutually beneficial.  I’m contributing with my experience going to school and my arts practice, but the artists are also influencing my work.”   So far, Alyx has appreciated the capacity her role gives to form close relationships with members of our collective.  She’s found that the daily support she provides to artists allows her to get to know people in a way she did not as a volunteer.  “I’m here so frequently now I can really find a way to communicate and build not only artistic but emotional relationships as well,” she said.  “I’m beginning to understand everyone’s artistic voices as well as their humor and personalities.  People have really opened up to me.”   Alyx and the rest of the community are looking forward to watching these relationships manifest.  “I’m just so psyched to be here,” she said with a giggle.  “I’m really going to be able to witness growth and development among all the artists in the studio and really have the time to invest in independent and collaborative projects.”  We’re psyched to have you, Alyx.  Welcome to the studio!  Samples of Alyx’s work can be viewed at