Meet an Artist: North Shore Newbies!

November 6, 2015 By vincent-uribe

This summer, the North Shore studio welcomed Marcelo Añón and Andrew Sautel (pictured above L to R) to our community. Both gentlemen are prolific art makers with lots of ideas and an intense creative drive. They’ve spent the past few months settling into studio life, learning about our Core Values and developing new bodies of work. Marcelo’s primary focus is geometric line work, with a tendency towards urban imagery. Andrew enjoys portraiture and working in mixed media. Check out the gallery below for images of these artists at work. Here’s what they had to say when asked about their creative practice:tAofL: How do you describe your style?Andrew: Very creative and most likely artistic. Um… It’s interesting… I take all sorts of different things and I make them to be on paper.Marcelo: Good art. Markers on paper.  tAofL: What’s your favorite medium?Andrew: I like pastel – oil pastel. I really like the blending of colors. Marcelo: Markers. Pen.tAofL: Do you have a favorite color?Andrew: Well… I like all different colors that have to do with purple. Marcelo: Red. Always. tAofL: Tell us about what you’re working on today. Andrew: Right now I’m using pencil. The way I do shading is mostly I make lines from top to bottom. I make shapes in pencil. This piece basically comes from life because it’s of someone from work. Actually a portrait. Marcelo: Circle. Octagon. Pen. Pencil. Black.  We’re so glad to have these guys in our studio each week! Keep an eye on their artist pages for images of their work.