Meet Christina Zion: Chicago Studio Artist and Band Member

September 27, 2016 By vincent-uribe

“Ghost rider, ghost rider, ghost riderPut yourself up into deep space Put yourself up into deep space That’s where they solve all their problems”-Christina Zion Chicago studio artist and band member, Christina Zion, has been a member of our community since 2006.  By day, she creates artwork in our studio using paints, markers, watercolors, and colored pencils.  “I like to make pop art,” Christina said.  “Mostly people or animals or any type of ideas.”  By night, Christina rocks out in The Arts of Life Band.  “I like making good music,” she said.   Christina joined The Arts of Life Band in 2009.  She enjoys being able to express herself through music and the community the band brings.  When asked about her fellow band members, Christina said, “They’re pretty good.  We get along really well.”   Right now, Christina’s main role in the band is as a singer and songwriter, but she is also hoping to expand her musical talents by learning to play the guitar and keyboard for the band.  Christina wrote a new song this year, “Ghost Rider.”  She performed it most recently at the Bucktown Arts Fest.  She says it is her favorite song to sing.  The Arts of Life Band members are also gearing up for a new online fundraising campaign.  Funds raised through the campaign will be used to support the release of their second album Kinda Weirdy, this time, on vinyl.  Christina’s song “Disco Music,” will be featured on this album.  “It’s kind of a love song,” she explained.  Donations to the release of the second album can be made here.  “I think it’s pretty good to have another band album being released,” said Christina.  “It makes me happy.  It makes other people enjoy it.”