Meet Frances

January 8, 2013 By vincent-uribe

I enjoy making money, but I also enjoy doing other stuff, like moviesand basketball. I like my staff, and I love to talk to others. I am a leader at Work, and I like to be involved in Self-Advocacy. I am happy when I go to Work, it is a fun place to be.
“Work” by Frances Roberts
“First the artwork, then the poem, ” this is Chicago studio member Frances Roberts’s unique way of making art. After she finishes a drawing or painting, Frances then writing a poem about that illustration. Using poetry to describe her artwork, Frances is able to add a beautiful depth to each of her pieces. When Frances first started coming to The Arts of Life in 2004, she was thrilled that she finally found a place that truly embraces her unique form of art making.
Our artists are constantly exploring new art methods and mediums. Along with Frances’ poetry, our artists create music, performance, prints, sculptures, and comics. We want to continue to expose our artists to new ways of art making and give them the materials they need to grow artistically, but we need help from people like you!
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