Meet Kelly

December 15, 2011 By vincent-uribe

Why do we keep falling in love withKelly Stone over and over again?
Ever meet someone and instantly feel like you have known them forever? And then as your relationship develops, you wonder why it took you so long to meet? That’s how we feel about Kelly Stone. He’s so amazing in every possible way; we can’t believe that we haven’t been friends forever.

He’s a man of his word. Kelly may not say as much as other people in our community, but he always means what he says. He tells us all we need to know with a single word. The sincerity in his face conveys the importance of his words and also the importance of your friendship. Kelly doesn’t talk to everyone, but when he does talk to you, you feel the connection.
He’s a true friend.One of Kelly’s greatest gifts is when he lets you in. It takes him a while to navigate relationships, but if you show him value with your actions, he will show you love. It’s something each of us remembers– almost the exact moment that we became friends with Kelly. The transition from a professional relationship with Kelly to friendship is something to treasure.He loves to learn. Kelly’s life began anew when he moved from a state institution to LEEDA Services. He was finally given the opportunity to make real decisions and form real relationships. Even though he was nervous, he was also curious– curious enough to take risks and grow into this wonderful man. He’s fascinated (in a nervous sort of way) by the weather and writes poetry and songs about it as a way to connect with something so unpredictable. “He has a poem about snow that he recites while looking out the studio window when it snows for the first time,” recalls Community Coordinator Kelli Becker “That’s one of my favorite moments of the year to experience with him.”
He’s our gentle giant. He loves his community, and his house– and it shows. He’ll lend us a hand whenever we need it, give us an impromptu performance of any of his songs, join a new project without hesitation, and he’ll always be first on the dance floor. If you’re lucky, you can also catch him looking in the mirror and giving himself his daily pep talk, “Handsome Man!” When Kelly Stone smiles and greets you in his deep voice, something inside tells you that you have a true friend for life. We love you too, Kelly Stone-you handsome man.