Mindfulness March

March 16, 2018 By vincent-uribe

“We come in the morning, people sit down and lower their bodies down. We breathe in and breathe out. People imagine there are trees outside, smell the flowers and smell the air. If you’re on a path somewhere or your in a garden having lunch and you see all the happy people walking around. Imagining happy places.” Artist Ed Rawski envisions his ideal safe space during Mindfulness March, a new practice and morning routine at the North Shore studio.

Mindfulness can help us perceive the illusory nature of our thoughts and break the bond of judgment. Through guided meditation, breathing techniques and positive affirmations, the North Shore studio is learning to start the day with peace of mind and body. Artist Brian Reed says “ It makes me relax in my body and get ready for the day.” Meditation reduces stress, improves concentration and benefits cardiovascular health.

“What a beautiful way to start the day! I’m not one to relax, but you know what five minutes of relaxing is a lovely way to start the day!” said Volunteer Cindy Shanker. The studio has vowed to start each morning in the month of March with a quiet time to acknowledge and recognize our feelings, calm the buzzing in our brains and take an opportunity to support each other. “I like it. It helps me relax and calm down. Keeping my bones from being stiff it makes you feel good inside, your emotions. makes me calm and helps me not be nervous.” said Artist, Russell Coppenharve. We are excited to continuously seek a serene and healthy way to set a positive intention for our day.