My 1st Radio Interview

May 8, 2013 By vincent-uribe

When we began the studio, it never crossed my mind that some day Ronnie wouldn’t be around.  Mathmatically speaking it should have, but those aren’t the types of things you think about with the people you love.
I thought we’d create this empowering environment together and I’d work “behind the scenes” to help our artits talk about their work and their program.  And for years this sytem has worked.  I’ve gone 12 years without really having to be the voice of the program.  I added some history to the Reader article about The Arts of Life band and have given similar background or follow up information to publications, but had been able to avoid the spotlight (whew!) until recently.  
When Dr. Zara Larsen, from The Larsen Group, reached out to us asking that we be part of a live radio interview, it was decided, based on what I’m not sure, that I was the best candidate.  Part of me thinks that Emily just wanted me to get an interview under my belt so I would stop redirecting those requests to our artists (but that’s just a thought).  I’m sure there was something more substantial, like the other people being interviewed, the request coming from one of our favorite moms, the topic of the segment, but my nerves were blaming Emily.   
All of these factors led to me joining Zara as one of her guests on her March 30th broadcast talking about the power art has to change people’s lives.  
I was a nervous wreck so please don’t count the number of “umms” I said, but all-in-all it was a great experience for me.  I spend such a large portion of my time helping the studio look forward that it was a wonderful break for me to look back and share who we are and what we do to a new audience.  Zara was a very gracious host and very easy to talk with.  
I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m looking forward to the next interview, but I will say that it’s pretty great to talk about all the amazing people I work with and how much we help each other grow.  I left the interview feeling like I had the best job in the world.  Thanks Zara!