New Permanent Art Installation

October 5, 2020 By vincent-uribe

Arts of Life is proud to announce our recent collaboration with Cedar Street Companies and Johalla Project on a permanent art installation at the newly constructed Bush Temple apartment complex located at 810 N Clark St in Chicago, IL. Motivated to integrate Chicago art into the design of their building, Cedar Street Companies commissioned twenty-three artists from Arts of Life to produce large-scale art panels. Each panel has been installed in the building’s second-floor street-facing windows, which is publicly viewable while walking along Clark Street near the building. 

For this project, each artist had creative autonomy in the conceptualization of their panels, resulting in an inspiring installation of diverse creative voices in a public context. Swirling with celestial gestures, enigmatic forms and patterns, radiating color relations, and enthralling figuration these panels capture the breadth of artistic expression produced at Arts of Life. 

Completing this commission entailed artists working in both of Arts of Life’s 6,000 square feed studio spaces over the course of 3 months. For many of the artists, this will be the first time their work is installed permanently in a public context, marking a key moment in their professional practices. Through the Bush Temple building, Cedar Street Companies has transformed the face of Clark Street in the historic River North neighborhood and Johalla Projects, partnered with Arts of Life, is honored to enhance this impressive new architectural design with bold and inspiring contemporary art.  Contributing artists include Omar Abulsheikh, Aria Carter, Raina Carter, Billy Borgerd, Russell Copenharve, Cole Fox, Amanda Gantner, Ted Gram-Boarini, Ted Hamel, Stefan Harhaj, Nikki Heusman, David Krueger, Alysha Kostelny, David Krueger, Bill Lilly, Lawrence M., Hannah Pratt, Frances Roberts, Alex Scott, Kelly Stone, Tim Stone, Oly Trindl, Maria Vanik and, Jean Wilson.