North Shore Artist Spotlight: Andrew P Sloan!

May 5, 2015 By vincent-uribe

Andrew P Sloan is a really thoughtful guy who’s been a force of positivity in the Arts of Life community since the North Shore studio first opened its doors!  Originally from Detroit, he’s really into automobiles— but he’s also curious about trying to learn from new things as well! Andrew just finished up a drawing of a Trans Am Muscle Car, so North Shore Studio Coordinator, Courtney Mackedanz sat down with him to see what’s up next for him…CM: So, you just finished up a project! What are you working on now?APS: I’m working on the “Trans Am Firebird”.  I’m pretty into the technology of muscle cars.CM: It shows! So do you usually draw automobiles? What materials do you like to use?APS: I usually do cars, but also technology…like bridges and engineering.  Usually I sketch with pencil and colored pencil, but I’m thinking of going back into acrylic painting.CM: Neat, what do you think draws you to that subject matter? APS: I like to do things that help keep me relaxed.  I feel fascinated when I recreate images of things I’ve seen before or read about in books, and I really like to focus on the detail of what I’m creating.CM: Do you have a favorite piece, or something you’re extra proud of that you’ve made?APS: Mostly the Red Tail Hawk.  It’s a beautiful bird.  I love to draw the colors of the feathers and I’d like to draw more wild life in the future.CM: What is the art-making process like for you?APS: I’m always trying to add more color and detail, when it’s difficult I try to take my time and try to always be positive…try and try again and just keep working!CM: That’s a really positive attitude! What’s your favorite part of working at the Arts of Life Studio?APS: I’ve always loved art because it opens up passion and I’m good at it! Everyone at the studio is so positive and I get to share my ideas and learn from other people!