North Shore Intern Spotlight: Sean Chapman

August 7, 2015 By vincent-uribe

Sean Chapman recently completed his summer internship with the Arts of Life’s North Shore studio. He took on a challenging position of both assisting the artists in their creative practice while also executing a marketing campaign consistent of several solo exhibitions and band performances. Keep your eyes open as we invade several coffee houses this fall with exciting solo exhibtions; it is a result of the hard work of Sean and Arts Coordinator John Sharp. Sean is currently a senior at Lake Forest where his is pursing business and design paths while minoring in studio arts and playing on their football team. Before he left, Sean sat down with Russell to recap his time here.  Russell C: First question, How did you hear about Arts of Life?Sean Chapman: I heard through an internship program coordinator at my school. I talked to Hilary, wrote her an email, and told her I would love to intern here. RC: You like it here so far?SC: Oh yeah. I love it. RC: It is nice, we have good people. I told you you would come back because we have nice people here. I told you would come back.SC: Yeah, you told me on the first day. RC: Okay, next question, did you know any of the artists before you started interning?SC: Um, no I did not. but the first week I started working here I saw an artist on the weekend at Egg Harbor, which was kind of funny for me.RC: Next, What do you like about The Arts of Life?SC: I love the people here, I love the welcoming community. Immediately when I walked through the door everyone was so friendly and so nice. especially you.RC: Yeah, especially everybody.SC: Yeah, and the environment is fun and uniqueRC: You know why I like it here? It is because I have more fun, like you. The first time I came, I said, “I will do this if I like it” and I did! Okay, what is the next one? What kind of work do you do when interning?SC: When I first started I did two weeks of learning how to be an Artist Mentor. Helping you guys get what need and make art. Later, I also did marketing; where I set up venues and exhibitions for you guys in the upcoming months. RC: Did your friend like it here when we went to the Glenview School for the art fair?SC: Oh yeah, and I volunteered at the Glenview Art League Festival.RC: Mhmm, and she bought one of my paintings.SC: Yeah, my girlfriend bought one of your paintings.RC: When is she going to buy my dinosaur?SC: Um…RC: She was talking about it.SC: Yeah, oh yeah, we want to buy it. Maybe if we save up.RC: You could. You could ask The Arts of Life to hold it for you until you pay for it. Okay, next one. What do you like most about being a part of the studio?SC: I enjoy hanging out with you guys. I really love all of the artists, the other volunteers, the staff, all of you guys. I feel like work here is having a good time and I enjoyed the marketing most because I got the opportunity to let you guys show your work to the rest of the world. RC: Are you an artist?SC: I am. Lately, I haven’t been doing a whole lot. But in college i am doing digital design. so art on the computer, I am also a studio art minor so I do a lot of painting, I did figure drawing. In high school I did a lot of ceramics, needle felting, wood working. I have done a lot and I enjoy exploring different processes. RC: Who’s your favorite, favorite famous artist?SC: I would say Georgia O’Keefe and in high school I did a study on Basqiuat. I really like him and uh, I would have to say Russell Copenharve.RC: Mhmm.SC: You’re one of my favorite artists. RC: Okay. Are we done now? One last question, what do you do when not at The Arts of Life?SC: I am in school right now. I am going to be a senior. I also play on the football team at Lake Forest College, I spend a lot of time doing that. I enjoy lifting weights, hanging out with my friends and girlfriend. I have a dog I really like and I also like playing golf and fishing. RC; Are you going on vacation?SC: This week, I am going up north to Wisconsin for a few weeks. RC: Oh, okay. Thank you. SC: Thank you, Russell.