North Shore Meet an Artist: Laura Greenberg

November 10, 2014 By vincent-uribe

Since joining The Arts of Life in 2013, North Shore artist Laura Greenberg has taught studio members a thing or two about community and collaboration. Eager to learn more about her, artists at the North Shore studio have offered to partner with Laura when she needs support during art making or studio activities. By accepting assistance Laura has created a network of friends who are attentive to her well-being and artistic development. As a result of the relationships they have formed with Laura, each individual is now able to help advocate for her interests.  This month fellow North Shore artist Amanda Gantner and facilitator Vanessa De Leon, two of Laura’s strongest advocates at the studio, sat down to interview her for this month’s artist feature. Curious to learn more about Laura’s interests and art making practice, Amanda asked her a series of questions which were then rephrased by Vanessa and answered using a “yes” or “no” system. Keep reading to see how the interview transpired.   Amanda: What materials do you like to work with? Vanessa: Do you like acrylics? Laura: Yes  Vanessa: Do you like watercolors?Laura: Yes Vanessa: Do you like markers? Laura: No Vanessa: Do you like oil pastels? Laura: Yes Niki Heusman has dedicated 15 minutes each Wednesday afternoon to help Laura with art making. In the photo above Niki is getting ready to help Laura align and tape down her new watercolor project on her easel.  Amanda: How long have you been making art?  Vanessa: Have you been making art for a long time, Laura?Laura: Yes Amanda: What types of images inspire you to create work?  Vanessa: Laura, do pictures of people inspire you to make art? Laura: No Vanessa: Do pictures of places, like picture of nature, inspire you to make art? Laura: Yes Vanessa: I know you’ve done a lot of random paintings like the painting of a pineapple and oranges, a butterfly, and a puppy. Do pictures of random objects and things inspire you, too? Laura: Yes Laura enjoys having time outside to get some fresh air and visit with friends! In this picture, Laura is hanging out and having a mini photoshoot with artist Montell Payne and facilitator Vanessa De Leon.  Amanda: What projects are you currently working on?  Vanessa: Laura, do you remember how I showed you pictures of my friend’s photography of some iconic Chicago scenery and you chose to do a new watercolor project of a picture of State St.? Would you like your audience to know of this new piece? Laura: Yes Amanda: What do you like to do when you’re not at the studio?  Vanessa: When you’re at home, Laura, do you like to listen to the Beatles? Laura: Yes Vanessa: Do you like to hang out with your family? Laura: Yes Vanessa: Do you like to eat?Laura: Yes Vanessa: Do you like to hang out with your newborn niece? Laura: Yes Vanessa: Do you like to watch T.V.? Laura: No   Amanda is one of Laura’s best friends at the studio. Every day Laura looks forward to her morning meet and greet with Amanda at her station. On Tuesday afternoons, Amanda has devoted time to help Laura with art making. Shown above, Amanda is starting to interview Laura for this month’s blog post.  Amanda: What is your favorite thing about the Arts of Life?  Vanessa: Laura, what’s your favorite thing to do here? Do you like to hang out with your friends? Laura: Yes Vanessa: Do you like to make art? Laura: Yes Vanessa: Do you like taking group walks? Laura: Yes Vanessa: Do you like to go to demos? Laura: No Vanessa: Do you like to do yoga? Laura: Yes Vanessa: Do you like eating lunch?Laura: Yes  Cover image (see top of page):In order to gain more artistic independence, Laura worked with facilitators to develop a new color based project plan which narrows down color choices with a clear visual system. This can be seen in the image above. Laura’s station has also been adapted so that she can focus the range of motion in her right hand on successfully reaching her intended project (paper on the easel) while also utilizing her workspace when in a resting position (canvas on the desk).