North Shore Spotlight Volunteer: Laura Fox

October 6, 2017 By vincent-uribe
Laura and Amanda

Each volunteer joins our studio motivated by internal factors. Some come, looking to share their passion for community building and social justice while others wish to explore creative endeavors and enhancing their art practice. Lucky for us, we are blessed with a few multifaceted volunteers like Laura Fox. Laura came to the North Shore studio in May 2017. Every Wednesday, she brings a caring light and gentle tone while simultaneously leading the artists with her unique eye for design. Laura joined us on a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art and engages weekly as an artist mentor. Please enjoy a conversation between Laura and studio artist Andrew Sloan:

AS: How did you hear about the arts of life?

LF: I actually did some research online.

AS: That’s very interesting

LF: There was one organization that laid out a bunch of different organizations and of that organization I chose the Arts of Life. It was a good fit for me

AS: Makes you feel very enlightened

LF: Well it combined two things that I really enjoy

AS: That’s very nice thank you very much

AS: Did you know any artists before starting?

LF: No I did not, I do know though! AS: What do you like most about the Arts of Life?

LF: I like that it provides a really open environment for artists to explore their own styles of art making

AS: So basically their style of how they put their effort into it, their practice and their technique

LF: Yes yes, It’s not just one project given to everybody, I like how everyone is individually working. It seems to me like it’s a more advanced level

AS: Thank you for that input, that’s a very confident way to say that.

AS: What do you like most about being in the studio environment?

LF: I like being around all of the tools, the paint, and equipment, I like to be involved in whatever way I can help. AS: What kind of work are you looking to do while you’re here

LF: You know it’s interesting, I feel the more I mentor artists the more I start to realize my own artistic directions. Me being an artist myself, like anyone else I have my own strengths and weaknesses It reaffirms things that I am specifically interested in

AS: Thank you for sharing that

LF: You’re welcome AS: Are you an artist? If so what kind of art do you do?

LF: Yes, I was in graphic design. I have a degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in design. I was in that for 20 something years and then I decided to pull away from the commercial arena and work more at an individual level of what a fine artist does. That is, we think more internally. It’s about our message and our portrayal of what we see. Opposed to graphic design you’re building a message for someone else. Now, I’ve been doing more clay and I throw and I sculpt

AS: Wow that’s awesome

LF: I’m still learning though! Well, I don’t actually throw them! I throw them on a wheel.

AS: My Grandmother did that, when she was still alive.

LF: Oh did she? It’s very peaceful. I go to an art studio because it’s a pretty high maintenance material to work with. You have to have all the “mud tools” and a kiln. It takes a lot of energy to fire the kiln.

AS: Thank you for that information!

AS: Last question, what do you do when you are not at the Arts of Life?

LF: Well I do my own artwork for one and then I spend a lot of time with my family and then everyday work stuff too. It has to get done, it’s not all fun and games!

AS: It’s part of learning and going the distance to learn all new techniques

LF: The more time I can dedicate at the studio where I do my own art, the better because as an artist you really have to put in more time than just once a week.