North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Rhonda Goldstein

May 11, 2018 By dflorian

Rhonda Goldstein is well loved by the North Shore Studio artists. “She’s interesting.” “She tries to help everyone in the community.” “She is a nice lady.” “She is fun.” “She is really interactive.” Rhonda joined the North Shore studio as a volunteer in January of 2017 with several years of work experience in social services as well as an active art practice in Evanston. As a traveler, thrift shopper, and annual Oscar attendee – Rhonda’s life is certainly anything but boring. Since joining the studio over a year ago, Rhonda lends her artistic skills and knowledge as an arts facilitator on a weekly basis. In the studio, Rhonda is observant and direct in her facilitation approach and does not hesitate to challenge artists as they work to bring their ideas to fruition. Whether assisting artists with abstract, representational, or sculptural works, her straightforward style encourages each person she works with to focus and approach his/her/their work seriously and with a new perspective. Rhonda pushes our community to think of more effective ways to tackle challenges in the studio and encourages growth via the inclusion of different ideas and perspectives. In the words of one of our North Shore artists: “She makes us happy.”

Thanks for all that you do Rhonda!