North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Alysa Chiovatero and Sheila Cox

August 4, 2017 By vincent-uribe

For the third consecutive year, The Arts of Life has received a grant from the Leo S Guthman Fund to host 2-4 Chicago Youth as Studio Assistants for a Summer Employment Program. This year, It has been our pleasure to work with Alysa Chiovatero and Sheila Cox at the North Shore! “The Leo S. Guthman Fund is a private family foundation which aims to improve people’s lives and strengthen communities. The Fund supports non-profit organizations which provide programs and support to unite communities and tackle the challenges of vulnerable people, assist veterans, and provide for basic needs.” 1 This summer, Alysa and Sheila have contributed to our organization by supporting the artists in their creative process, keeping the studio in great shape, assisting with art fairs and festivals as well as providing a dependable presence and positive attitude to our environment. The two joined the Chicago Studio Assistants in attending the Annual Summer Employment Luncheon at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum on July 27th hosted by the Guthman Fund. The six employees did a fantastic job representing the Arts of Life by describing our mission, core values, a day in the life and lessons learned while working at each studio. Please enjoy an interview between North Shore artist Nikole Huesman, Alysa and Sheila, NH: How is your work experience at Arts of Life?SC: Great!AC: Awesome so far.SC: I’ve only had one job and it’s the best job I’ve ever hadAC: I’ve had two and it’s still the best SC: As a 16 year old, I won’t find a better job and plus this is fun!AC: It’s more of an experience than a job, it doesn’t feel like work.SC: I can wear what I want and I don’t have a mean boss and everyone here is fun to work with, I like talking to everyone.  NH: What is your favorite part about the studio environment?SC: Probably how fun it is. I feel like everyone is so creative and there are all of these different ideas to feed off of.AC: Mine would probably just be getting to know everyone, and all of the different artists, and how everyone works because everyone is so different and unique NH: What are your plans for the future?AC: I plan on going to college. For jobs? I don’t really know. My major doesn’t have anything to do with art, I’m going into neuroscience. Maybe research or medicine?SC: Optometry. None of that surgery stuff though, just “Here’s some glasses” NH: Tell me about the Luncheon yesterdaySC: Food was amazingAC: We went to the Nature Museum. We got to hear from a bunch of different organizations and other teens from Chicago who work at different places. They told us about their experience working and the grant that was given to give us these jobs.SC: I liked the luncheon! We listened to speeches for about an hour.AC: I thought it was pretty cool to hear from everyone, because all of the jobs were so different from each other. NH: Anything you would like to add?SC: I think the grant should let us work here again next year, it has the limit of one year. There has to be new youth employees next year. I would love to work here again so I hope that changes! “The Leo S. Guthman Fund.” The Leo S. Guthman Fund. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Aug. 2017.