North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Cindy Shanker

October 1, 2013 By vincent-uribe

“There is so much talent here.” — Cindy
Cindy is someone who just “gets” us, which feels wonderful. In the year that she’s been part of the studio community, we’ve come to realize we just can’t do without her. North Shore artist Andrew Sloan sat down with Cindy to learn more about her and we’re using this month’s Volunteer Spotlight to share her story with you. 
A little over a year ago, Cindy learned that our mutual friend Laura McManus was a working artist at The Arts of Life. “I looked Laura up on [The Arts of Life website],” says Cindy. “I thought ‘Arts of Life?! I need to learn more about that!'”
And learn she did. Cindy contacted the North Shore studio for a tour, filled out a volunteer applcation and started training to work as an Artist Mentor. Her postion gives her the opportunity to interact with artists in a broad variety of ways. During her weekly volunteer shifts, Cindy helps with everything from skill building and supply gathering to critiques and art history lessons. 
“I like everything about The Arts of Life,” says Cindy. “I like how hard the artists try, how talented they are, how kind and helpful they are to each other…. This is a wonderful, wonderful place.” We feel the same way about Cindy – talented, kind and oh-so-helpful!
This month, Cindy offered watercolor demonstrations on three separate days. (She’s pictured at the top instructing artist Billy Borgerd.) Because of the strong relationships she’s built during her year at the studio, the artists were ready and willing to try new things with her. They were curious about Cindy’s own watercolor process and eager to adapt the skills she taught them into their own art practice. “Those three days of demo… That was really fun,” she reflected afterwards. 
We are so grateful to have the very-talented Cindy Shanker in our community of artists. Her unique and varied skill sets are invaluable. As an art maker herself, she can relate to all of us on a creative level. As a former Occupational Therapist, she has a keen understanding of our physical abilities and challenges. As a member of the North Shore Art League, she connects us with the local arts community. Thank you, Cindy!!
If you’ve got a hankering to share your many special skills with a creative community of art makers, please fill out our volunteer application. We would LOVE to teach you about our studio!