North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Domenic Bucci

May 30, 2013 By vincent-uribe

You might recognize Domenic (pictured above with musicians Hector Jones and Paul Kilner) from his performances with the North Shore band or our 2013 Calendar (he was featured in March). He is the dedicated volunteer who has worked with artists and staff to build the North Shore music program into a songwriting powerhouse. We’re honored to feature him in this month’s Volunteer Spotlight.
 In an interview with Nikole Heusman (North Shore artist and Van GoGo band member), Domenic reflected on the year and a half since he began volunteering at the studio. “Most of my effort has been in coaching music, arranging and pushing for the artists to write songs. We’ve become a song writing team and the songs come very quickly and plentifully. It’s very exciting.”
 Songwriting is at the heart of the music program, which has moved away from “music lessons” towards in-depth development the North Shore studio band, Van Go Go (formerly NSME). Domenic was instrumental in arranging, recording and mixing the band’s first original song, “Get the Dinosaurs on the Phone” which later became a music video. “I was tickled every moment through the process,” wrote Domenic in his calendar essay.  “When I began volunteering at The Arts of Life, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what I saw immediately was the artists’ desire to write and perform music.”
 When he isn’t writing and performing with Van GoGo, Domenic is playing, recording and producing music with other musicians and groups in the Chicagoland area. He also enjoys fishing and gardening.
 According to Pam Robe, a member of Van GoGo, Domenic is very valuable. “He helps us learn songs. He’s a good singer and he plays the guitar.” The studio community appreciates Domenic’s consistency, talent and commitment.
 To see Domenic and the rest of the band in action, check out this year’s Summer Carnival on June 15th. Van GoGo will be performing a set of original songs! Come to hear some amazing music and stay to shake Domenic’s hand for being an amazing volunteer.
Thanks for all you do, Domenic!