North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Elaine Cha

June 4, 2015 By vincent-uribe

Elaine Cha is an Artist Mentor at the North Shore Studio. She has been with us for a few months and has blown us away with her rapport and observational drawing skills. She is currently a senior at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois studying Human Communication Sciences. She recently sat down with North Shore artist Rebecca Turner for our Volunteer Spotlight.Elaine Cha: The first question that we are going to ask is, “How did you hear about The Arts of Life?” Can you read that with me?Rebecca Turner: Not really.EC: Okay, well, thank you for sitting with me then. The way I heard about The Arts of Life was actually through the website. I was looking for an opportunity like this that involved art and working with people.RT: Yeah.EC: So, it isn’t really word of mouth, but me searching it out using the internet. Okay, and the next question is, “Did you know any of the artists before you started volunteering?”RT: Mhmm, I have no idea what you are talking about.EC: Well, I am one of the volunteers here at The Arts of Life.RT: You are? Mhmm.EC: And I come two days a week. It turns out that I went to high school with Cole. Do you know Cole? RT: Yes.EC: I went to High School with him at Stevenson. I didn’t really know him, so I don’t know if that counts.RT: No, I don’t know what you are talking about.EC: And then, I also went to church when I was a little, little girl with Danny Frownfelter. So, I know him from there. Other than that…RT: I don’t know what you are talking about.EC: Okay, that is fine. Thank you for sitting with me with me though. Let’s see, so the next question for me is “What do you like about The Arts of Life?”RT: What do you like about The Arts of Life. EC: Uhuh. RT: I like to art-making and watercolors.EC: Ah, you are very good at that.RT: And we do our stories and schedules, so…EC: What I like about The Arts of Life is I didn’t really have an opportunity to do art in college. So, this a good opportunity for me to reconnect with art and painting. Of course, I like the people, like you Rebecca. *pauses* What kinds of work do you do when volunteering. RT: Taking a tour, EC: Mhmm.RT: with all the peopleEC: Mhmm.RT: And that’s about it. EC: So, the kind of work that I do, as a volunteer, is that i help people with decision making, getting supplies,RT: *giggles* Uhuh, yeah.EC: preparing lunch,RT: YeahEC: set up and clean up,RT: Yeah *giggles*EC: and what else do we do? do we go on walks?RT: Yeah.EC: And for specific artists there are more individualistic things. Like, I help you with your list and stories in the morning.RT: Yeah.EC: The next question is, “What do you like the most about being a part of the studio?”RT: I don’t know what that is.EC: Okay well,RT: Being a part of the studio?EC: I can answer that one. I really like being a part of the community. It is very clear this is not just a set of individuals, but a group that has come together, right? It is a group and it is kind of like a family. Do you feel that way, Rebecca? RT: Yeah.EC: The next question is, “Are you an artist?”RT: Yes. I am an artist.EC: You are an artist. I am currently a student, not focusing on art, but I do love painting on my own time. I have been a part of several art shows and competitions. I would say I am an artist by hobby, not by occupation. RT: Noo.EC: “Who is your favorite famous artist?”RT: I have no idea.EC: Hmm, well this is kind of a shoe in, but it is Monet. Do you know who Monet is?RT: I have no idea.EC: Well, he is an impressionistic painter. I think we studied him a month ago with the lily pads.RT: Yeah.EC: Well, I love his color choices and the way everything has a soft edge to it. *pause* The last question is, “What do you do when you are not at the arts of life?”RT: I don’t know.EC: I can tell you what I do when I am not at The Arts of Life.RT: *giggles*EC: When I am not at The Arts of Life, I am a student at Northwestern University studying Human Communication Sciences and I am just about to graduate. I am currently applying for medical school and will hopefully be pursing that route.RT: That’s nice. EC: *giggles* Well thank you for sitting with me Rebecca, and for listening. I really appreciate it.