North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Emilia Smith

January 18, 2019 By lexi-krebs

Emilia Smith joined the North Shore studio community in late November of 2018. In such a short time, she has become vital to our environment. On Tuesdays you can find her bouncing around the studio; joking and laughing with anyone she comes in contact with. As a glassblower, Emilia brings her unique style and perspective to our community.

Earlier this week, Emilia sat down with North Shore studio artists Amanda Gantner and Oly Trindle for a short interview…

Amanda Gantner (AG): How did you…how did you find out about arts of life?

Emilia Smith (ES): I found Arts of Life online, on Because I put arts and community and maybe mentoring or tutoring or education as my other options or requirements and I found this opportunity.

AG: Okay, Do what do you like about the Arts of Life?

ES: The artists: Because I want to be an artist when I am older. I am inspired by all of the artists here because no matter what difficulty they have, no matter what the difficulty the artists have or go through they come and make art. That is really inspiring to me.

AG: What do you like most about being in a studio environment?

ES: Being in the studio environment is good… When you have a question for people because you either have a question or don’t know what direction to take it or you just don’t know how to do something, you always have someone to ask. I guess, I think, my favorite part of the studio environment is when we all have lunch together. And we all sit and eat lunch. Everyone is very quiet and pays attention to the announcements and responsibilities. It takes a lot of maturity to sit and listen for that long. So I am impressed and grateful for that. That’s what I like the most.

Go Amanda!

Oly Trindl (OT): Are you an artist and if so what kinds of art do you do?

ES: Okay, sooo…yeah, So I am an artists outside of Arts of Life. It’s such an easy life…Kidding! I am going to school for a BFA in glass. So my main medium is glassblowing and glass making. But i really like to sculpt and I like to draw humans. So those are all the things I am doing with art right now but none of it has provided any income!! I am also going major in physics!

OT: Do you have a favorite artists?

ES: Do I have a favorite artist, that’s a good question. I should. Honestly my favorite artists right now is my friend from the school I go to in Philadelphia [Temple University.] She was in grad school when I went there and then we became friends when I would assist her blowing glass. Now she is teacher there. She is just very inspiring to me because, you know, women in the glass industry are far and few. She’s killing it; becoming a teacher while still becoming an artist. Faught all the stigmatization against women in the field or industry, whatever you want to call it. Her name is Kristine Rumman and she rocks.

Amanda and Oly, for the record, you are up there on my list of favorite artists.

OT: What do you do when you’re not at Arts of Life?

ES: Oh boy, I read. I love to read. And right now I have to read these two very thick books by greeks in the 500 BC. I like to do yoga every night. I love swimming and I blow glass. And yeah that is it! Oh and I go to the Art Institute every Fridays, I love it there. I have a student membership.

AG: What school do you go to?

ES: I go to Temple University, in Philadelphia. The art school is called Tyler School of Art. Its cool, it’s good.

AG: How old are you?

ES: 20.

AG: That’s it?!

ES: That’s it! I know I have so much life left, I gotta hang in there. Like putting on a seatbelt.

AG: I am an old fart!

AG: Gracias!

ES: De nada!

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