North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Jen & Felipe

June 15, 2017 By vincent-uribe

The dynamic duo Jen Petrova and Felipe Sant’Anna have been working double duty since their start at the Arts of Life. Splitting their time between marketing and mentoring, Jen and Felipe have become a consistent presence at the North Shore. Originally from Chicago, both interns attend Claremont McKenna College a liberal arts school located 30 miles east of Los Angeles, California. The community has enjoyed their help on the floor as well as behind the scenes, It has been a pleasure to have them with us! Artist Aaron Kleblatt (AMK) sat down with Jen (JP) & Felipe (FS) to discuss their experience at the Arts of Life.  AMK: How did you hear about the Arts of Life?JP: I was searching online for an internship opportunity and then I found it through a site called I was looking specifically for a non-profit that had to do with art, the Arts of Life popped up and I was interested so I went on their website and contacted a few people.FS: I actually heard about the Arts of Life through Jen. She was intending to intern here and I was looking for a similar job. We have very similar interests and I contacted Sara and was able to come in for the same position. AMK: What do you like most about the Arts of Life?JP: One of the things I like the most is the Arts of Life feels like a professional community. Not only are we co-workers but we support each other through our needs and this environment is just great for prospering creative thought and inspiration. FS: Well I like the fact that, although I didn’t know anyone here before I started and even though I’ve only been here about a week so far I’ve really developed some close connections. I feel really comfortable here. I really enjoy being in the studio. AMK: What do you like most about being in the studio environment?JP: The thing I like most about the studio environment is how casual it is. This goes along with it prospers the idea of creativity and the fact that it’s so free forming and laid-out. There are so many different kinds of art supplies; it’s the perfect environment to be able to do what you want FS: I like how comfortable and ‘homey’ it is I think there’s definitely a professional atmosphere but it’s not intimidating at all. Everyone feels comfortable to do what they want to do and be who they are. AMK: What kind of work are you doing while you’re here?JP: I split my time between being an artist mentor and a marketing intern. What I do when I am an artist mentor is work with the artists and help them achieve their goals. What I do when I am a marketing intern is I have different tasks I work on marketing campaigns, events, contacting and planning donation requests with different businesses around the area and I also do a little creative stuff such as design.FS: When I arrived here? I’m a marketing intern/ artist mentor, the same job as Jen. Professionally I was interested in the marketing aspect of the position and gaining experience in that field and seeing how non-profits are organized and how things work fiscally. I also really like art and I enjoy helping here in the actually studio hanging out with the artists and observing their creative processes.   AMK: Are you an artist? If so, what kind of art do you do?JS: I consider myself a creative person not necessarily an artist but I do dabble in digital art, design and illustration. FS: I think I would consider myself an artist musically. I enjoy drawing and some other visual arts. I think primarily what I do is music. I swing in a choir and acapella group and I play a little bit of piano and guitar, I arrange a lot of music. AMK: Do you have a favorite artist?JP: I do actually. Well a couple, my favorite artist is Salvador Dali.FS: I think visually my favorite artist is Monet I really like impressionism pastel and wispy strokes.  AMK: What do you do when you are not at the Arts of Life?JP: What I do for fun is spend a lot of time with my friends exploring the city. I love trying new things, which includes going to art museums and trying out different foods. I love listening to music and digital design in my free time FS: During the rest of the year outside of the summer I’ll be at school, so I’m really just studying. I’m studying neuroscience and economics. During the summer I just hang out I like to be outside, listen to music if I can go to museums or check out events or exhibits that’s something I really enjoy. JP: This internship has been truly a great humbling experience and without the artists here I don’t think I could grow as an artist and as a person as much as I have. FS: It’s been really awesome to get to know all of you so far.