North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Lake Forest College Interns

August 8, 2014 By vincent-uribe

This summer, The Arts of Life North Shore studio had the tremendous good luck to work with four students from Lake Forest College. For this month’s Volunteer Spotlight, we’d like to tell you a little about each of these ambitious young people!DYLAN!Marketing was Dylan’s focus this summer. He found The Arts of Life through the Lake Forest College career website where we’d posted an ad seeking students to help us get the word out about the studio and our amazing artists. During his time with The Arts of Life, Dylan worked with several artists to develop resumes, find exhibitions and market their work through social media. He also assisted studio staff with press releases. Dylan’s favorite task was interviewing the artists about their work and their arts practice for marketing materials. “It gave me a chance to know the artist more on a personal level which helped me understand their various interests and styles.” He’s pictured below interviewing Nikole Heusman. Because of Dylan’s efforts, several artists will be featured in solo exhibitions this fall and winter — keep an eye out for more info on those special events!Thank you, Dylan!HEATHER! Heather’s position this summer was Artist Mentor. She assisted the artists with their projects in a slew of different ways… planning, gathering supplies, adding details… just about anything they needed! She’s pictured below working with artist Pouya Bagherian. “I enjoyed working with the artists and encouraging them to go far and beyond with their pieces,” says Heather. She’ll be leading our August Art Demo with the Demo Committee and their focus will be stippling technique.Thanks for your support, Heather.IZZY!As an artist with her own active creative practice, Izzy fit right in at The Arts of Life. “I like the community of artists, doing art all day and working with people with disabilities.” Izzy brought strong, practical art making skills to the studio and dedicated herself to imparting her knowledge to the artists. She worked with our Demo Committee to develop a workshop on drawing comics (her specialty!) and it was wildly successful. Izzy was able to engage artists with a broad range of skills and interests in an art form that was new to them. The resulting comics were both funny and artful. Check out the picture below of Izzy and Demo Committee member Russell Copenharve leading their demonstration. Thank you for understanding our community, Izzy!MARTINA!Martina initially heard about The Arts of Life through family friend and North Shore artist Elise Hylton. It wasn’t until seeing our posting on the Lake Forest College career website that she realized she could volunteer at the studio. As an art student with a lifetime of art-related experience, Martina connected with the artists on a creative level and enjoyed encouraging them to push through artistic challenges. “It’s awesome to see so many great works of art and the many different styles of drawing and painting (and sculpture!) that are there among the group of artists.” Martina and artist Amanda Gantner are pictured below working on a photo transfer piece.Thank you, Martina!–Do you know a talented college student with a background in art, marketing, public relations or design? Send ’em our way! We offer internships in a variety of areas for both credit and experience. Contact our Studio Coordinator Lyndsey Thompson ( for details.