North Shore Volunteer Spotlight: Luis Lara Aguiluz

October 12, 2018 By dflorian

Over the years, I have learned to embrace the unpredictable nature of a day. While this helps me remain calm in a crisis, knowing that I can also count on other people to be present brings me peace of mind at work. Luis Lara Aguiluz – volunteer extraordinaire- is one person I can count on!


Luis joined the North Shore studio in July of this year and immediately wanted to become more involved. On his first day, he volunteered to help us at the Glenview Art Fair, which took place that weekend.

It’s been great having Luis in the studio because he is friendly and easy-going. It was clear he was a good fit when he started nerding out over Luke Bryan with another artist. In addition to being easy to work with, Luis is dedicated to the studio. Each weekend, Luis sends out a text message with his upcoming availability. One can always count on him to be in the studio multiple days throughout the week.


To learn more about Luis, please enjoy an interview between him and North Shore artist Hector Jones:

Hector Jones: How did you hear about the Arts of Life?

Luis Lara: Maybe about four years ago. When I graduated high school, I wanted to get into volunteering. I was looking at several places and ended up emailing you guys here-but things didn’t work out at first because I had school. I eventually decided to take a semester off but was not ready to get another job so I decided I wanted to volunteer. Going through my old emails, I found one from the Arts of Life-which kind of reignited a spark-so I emailed again and now I’m here.

HJ: Did you know any of the artists before starting?

LL: No, I did no know any of the artists here before. When I first walked in through the doors, that was my first time kind of seeing everyone and getting to meet all of you. This is all brand new to me.

HJ: What is the greatest thing about working here at the Arts of Life?

LL: I think just the environment. I really enjoy being in everyone’s company. Everyone’s not just passionate about their art but also about life. I feel like everyone here is just so happy and that helps bring some more joy into my life. It feels like there’s so much freedom here to be creative.

HJ: Do you have a favorite artist?

LL: I would say Jackson Pollock. When I was in college I took an art history class which introduced me to Jackson Pollock. I just thought his paintings were super interesting and cool. I liked the idea that art doesn’t have to have some sort of form.

HJ: Would you say you’re an artist-and if so what kinds of art do you do?

LL: I wouldn’t call myself an artist. I like to make stuff on this app called ‘Sketchbook’. I put sketches I make with the app on my website. That’s kind of what I do.

HJ: What do you do when you’re not at the Arts of Life?

LL: If I’m not at the Arts of Life, I’m either working or out with my friends. I’m the Retail Training Embassador at Perry Ellis. I pretty much just train associates, give them tips, and teach them selling skills. When I’m out with friends I’m usually in the city.

HJ: What are some of your hobbies?

LL: I love to go to bars with friends and go downtown to take pictures. We get into trouble sometimes because we like climbing buildings and taking pictures of the cityscape. I also like to watch basketball; that’s my favorite sport. We also do karaoke a lot. That’s pretty much it!

HJ:Alright…Do you think Dwayne Wayde will end up playing for China?

LL:No. No-hahaha. He already decided he’s one and done so after this season hopefully we’ll see him end his career in Miami.

HJ: What inspires you to make art?

LL: My emotions. I feel like I’m a very emotional person. Not in a crying way-but I’ve gone through so much in my life that I feel like I’m always inspired by something. I feel like I can apply that inspiration to many aspects of my life.

HJ: Do you have any questions for me?

LL: What’s your favorite sports team?

HJ: I like the White Sox for baseball. But for basketball-I’m an Allen Iverson fan.

LL: A.I.? I’ll give it to you-he’s alright-he’s a cool dude.  I think I prefer Kobe, but it’s all good. Haha-no I’m just messing with you.

HJ: Alright, thanks for this interview.

LL: Yeah, no problem.

There you have it folks. If you need help patching up your gallery space, organizing art supplies, leading an art program-you name it-Luis is your guy! Thank you, Luis!