NS Lifelong Learner, Emanuel Zoberman

April 14, 2017 By vincent-uribe

“In general I am a lifelong learner, thinker and problem solver, like everyone else” says North Shore Volunteer Emanuel Zoberman. Emanuel joined our team as an archivist assistant working with artists and staff Marcelo Anon and Chris Vieu. His pleasant and calm demeanor adds positive value to our safe space. The North Shore archivist assistant works on helping artists digitally photograph work, upload images, edit and color correcting as well as organizing and maintaining artwork. After touring with the studio on March 21 Emanuel reached out with gracious and compassionate words expressing his appreciation of the atmosphere and his enjoyment during the tour. While describing his expectations of the job Emanuel explained “I expected to assist the artists in archiving their work using serious models for judging art and pricing art. I also look forward to the archival work of scanning, description and employing the best practices of information architecture in presenting and accessing the artists work online.” Emanuel found the position through LinkedIn looking to get experience in archival work and processes. Along with archiving on Thursday, we are lucky to have Emanuel join us in the studio on Wednesdays as an artist mentor. “I appreciate the effect making art has on the refinement of human character traits,” says Zoberman. When Emanuel is not at the Arts of Life he enjoys learning Chassidus, the teachings, interpretations, and practice of Judaism. He describes it is as a practical understanding and application of Jewish mysticism. He is also the proud husband to wife Lisa, father to daughters, Elke and Aidel and grandfather to 7-month-old granddaughter, Sudy! Most volunteers come in expecting to only help and leave with a set of fresh eyes on their experience. “I am awed and moved by the nurturing positivity set in a very professional art studio setting where results are expected. No [I’m not an artist] which is why I’m drawn to it. I am a patient fan and student of the talents of others and the critical thinking and philosophies of that in which they excel.”