NS Spotlight Intern: Heather Callans

December 15, 2016 By vincent-uribe

With so much hustle and bustle throughout the studio, Heather Callans calm and pleasant demeanor brings a feeling of ease to the North Shore! Heather has been interning at the Arts of Life since October. Her gentle personality is refreshing to the whole community. Heather currently attends DePaul University with a major in psychology with a minor in Fine Arts. In addition to assisting artists with their creative practice, Heather leads a Still-Life workshop on Monday afternoons donating her strong drawing skills and charcoal knowledge to the studio. Heather was directed to the Arts of Life by a professor at her University and we’re so happy to have her on the team! Enjoy an interview with longtime North Shore artist David Jonaitis and Heather:   DJ: Do you like it here at the Arts of Life?HC: Yes I do! Very much. it’s a lot of fun and I enjoy working with everyoneDJ: Oh good DJ: Did you know any artists before starting?HC: No I didn’t DJ: What do you like most about the Arts of Life?HC: I really love the atmosphere everyone is super nice and they’re all ready to do some artwork and I think that’s awesome. It’s a great place to be around its great energy and really positive. DJ: What do you like most about the studio environment?HC: I guess that there is so much opportunity for artistic creation, like supplies.  Everybody here is really supportive and ready to help out if somebody needs something. It facilitates artistic expression really well. DJ: What kind of work are you looking to do while you are here?HC: I had an idea of working with children but now that I am here maybe more in the art therapy realm? Art is really therapeutic, seeing how well it helps people around here I would really love to keep that going with other populations and people who are passionate about doing art DJ: Are you an artist? If so what kind of art do you do?HC: I guess I’m an artist. I like drawing mostly. I took a figure drawing class a few months ago and I really enjoyed that and I will probably keep doing it. I like working with charcoal and oil paints.DJ: Do you have a favorite artist?HC: I think my favorite artist is Picasso, I like his use of color DJ: What do you do when you are not at the Arts of Life?HC: Mostly I hang out at home with my nine-month-old daughter and I watch a lot of TV. Maybe sketch occasionally. DJ: Who is your favorite artist here at the studio.HC: I can’t answer that question. I’ve loved getting to know everybody. I get to know new people almost every time and see what they can do and their artistic style. You know I’ve never met you before but it’s nice to meet you too! I don’t think I have a favorite artist I just love working with everyone. DJ: Well who do you want to get to know the most?HC: I don’t know that’s a hard question to answer. I work with Russell a lot I love to watch what he does. I would like to see Amanda work I don’t really get a chance to do that. I don’t really have a favorite artist but there are people I spend more time with than others. DJ: What will you do for your future here at the studio?HC: Once I have more time I can be here more often. Right now I’m only here in the afternoons on Monday and Friday so I would love to meet some of the Tuesday Wednesday Thursday artists because I know there are different people on those days. I would love to come on different days and meet those different people. DJ: Cool! Thanks. That’s all that I have for you.