NS Spotlight Volunteer: Lexi Krebes

July 8, 2016 By vincent-uribe

A long over due spotlight needs to be directed towards a very important member of the Arts of Life North Shore community, Lexi Krebes! Lexi has been volunteering with us since January 2016. She is kind, mindful and compassionate in all of her actions. Lexi has been a wonderful asset to our studio, volunteering her time as an artist mentor as well as for events and exhibitions.  The artists really enjoy her presence and have requested to see her smiling face more often!Lexi has recently been brought on as a one to one direct support provider. She delivers great abstract advice for our abstract artists and relates really well to their mindset. We are so excited to have Lexi with us on a regular basis and are looking forward to getting to know more about her and her art practice. To learn more about Lexi, check out the interview below.  An interview between Lexi Krebes and Pam Robe:How did you hear about the Arts of Life?My Mom actually, I didn’t have anything to do and I was still going to school and she found me the listing online. Thought it would be something that I would like so I sent Rick an email.Did you know any of the artists before starting?I did not. Coming here was new to me.What do you like most about the Arts of Life?I like the atmosphere and I like that Can’t isn’t a set back. There’s never an authority that says, “You can’t do that”. It’s all about creativity and creating new things. There are no limits.What do you like most about being in the studio environment?I’ve never been in a studio before I came here so it really interests me to see how a studio environment actually works. Everyone works together but still has their own space. There is a sense of community.What kind of work are you looking to do when you are here?Helping people and observing the creative process. Everyone takes different steps to get to the end result. Since I’m not an actual artist myself, that is cool to observeAre you an artist and if so what kinds of art do you do?I mostly just doodle and I draw a lot. I’ve been doing watercolor.  I’ll do sketches and then watercolor over top of it to add some color. I also dabble in some abstract acrylics.Do you have a favorite artist?I’ve always really liked Picasso. Nothing is, as it seems. He normally does people and portraits misshapen, it’s unique.What do you do when you are not at The Arts of Life?I paint myself, I go to a lot of local shows I really enjoy the local music scene. Do you like it here?I love it here. Who wouldn’t love it here? Everyone is so welcoming and open. Like I said earlier, it’s really interesting to see everyone’s creative process and how everyone bounces off of each other and the energy flows.