NS Spotlight Volunteer: Martin Grill

August 26, 2016 By vincent-uribe

One of our latest and greatest volunteers Martin (Marty) Grill joined our community this past July! Marty has been a tremendous help to the North Shore. With his background in photography and graphic design, he has a well-developed eye for design. Quickly becoming a strong presence in our studio, Marty presents a warm worldly vibe and radiates wisdom. Enjoy an interview between Marty and Phil Gazzolo: How did you hear about the Arts of Life? I found it on VolunteerMatch I was looking for volunteer opportunities and this appealed to me.What do you like most about the Arts of Life?Well, I used to be a teacher and this kind of has elements of teaching to it and I like working with the people here. I think the artists have a lot of talent and it’s very nice to be able to encourage them.What kind of work are you looking to do while you are here?I’m hoping to provide some mentorship and guidance to the artists here and help out wherever I canAre you an artist? If so what kind of art do you do?Well, I don’t know if I could call myself an artist but I do work with some photography!What do you do when you are not at the Arts of Life?Oh, that’s a good question! I’m retired now so my days I spend with my family and helping my kids out.Are you enjoying Arts of Life?Am I enjoying it? Very much so!It’s a good place.It is a good place. I think that this has been in some respects harder than I thought it would be and other respects easier. So it’s harder because it’s getting to know the artists and getting to understand what their needs are but in a way easier because the artists are so receptive to the attention and to the help. It’s really been fun I really enjoy it!