Oly Trindl: Artist of the Month

August 13, 2020 By megan-harrigan

Congratulations to the talented and prolific North Shore studio artist Oly Trindl for being selected as our agency artist of the month for August 2020!

Trindl has taken the challenges of pandemic life in stride, and proves herself to be unstoppable. This is evidenced in her complete transition of medium within the last five months as she moved from making large scale acrylic paintings on canvas to small scale watercolor paintings on paper. Not only does this present challenges to her daily set up and adaptive tools, but it requires openness to experimenting with a new medium. When asked how her watercolor paintings have evolved, Trindl cites “dots” instead of brush strokes as being a driving factor.

Oly Trindl, watercolor painting, Ref. 1

Arts of Life’s curating committee selected Trindl based on her innate determination and artistic talent. Studio artist and curator, Amanda Gantner, weighed in with accolades for Trindl. “She takes her time. She’s amazing. She comes in with her coffee and then she starts working.” We checked in with Trindl to see if coffee remains an integral part of her daily process. she reports, “Yeah definitely I walk to get coffee every day”. (For those of you who want to win Trindl over, her beverage of choice is a caramel macchiato!)

Oly Trindl, watercolor painting, Ref. 2

Trindl regularly attends our virtual programming platform to work in community and gain insight into contemporary art and new techniques. She cites “making new friends” as her favorite part of virtual programming which gives her the opportunity to work closely with artists, staff and volunteers from both studios.

Oly Trindl, watercolor painting, Ref. 3

Curator and fellow North Shore studio artist Ed Rawski works regularly with Trindl through our virtual program and recognizes her hard work. Rawski commented, “She does very good art. I used to see her dipping her brush. I see her painting & dripping all those dots on her paper. She is a sweet artist. That’s a good thing she wants to do. She gets a Tony award for best actress. It’s the best thing to do. Her dedication is when she does this.”

A stack of Trindl’s recent works.

As an artist on Arts of Life’s career track her drive is unmistakable. She secured her first out-of-state exhibition in 2019 and has produced no less than 220 watercolor paintings since March 2020. Trindl continually builds her Instagram account with new works and process pictures. Follow her at: ogtrindl

Oly Tindl, watercolor painting, Ref. 4

Susan Pasowicz, studio artist and curator sums it up nicely, “I think she’s doing a professional job. I think she’s an awesome person. She likes what we do.”

Oly Trindl, watercolor painting, Ref. 5

To inquire about Trindl’s artwork, contact North Shore Art Manager Megan Harrigan at mharrigan@artsoflife.org