The Art of Poems

July 9, 2019 By Megan Harrigan

The North Shore studio’s poetry group proudly unveils their second poetry book The Art of Poems. Rich in language and artwork,…
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The North Shore Studio’s 8 Steps to a Successful Trip to AIC

June 12, 2019 By Diane Florian

On Thursday, May 30th, the North Shore studio paid a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC). AIC, which…
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Celebrating Hilary

June 12, 2019 By Lexi Krebs

This month Arts of Life said farewell to North Shore Studio Manager Hilary Marshall; who had been with Arts of…
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Voices from Inside the Studio: The Right to Services and Privacy

June 12, 2019 By Christea Parent

For June the Chicago studio is focusing on the right to training and services and the right to privacy. The…
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Two women, standing, smiling, holding a stuffed animal rabbit

Chicago Studio Volunteer Spotlight: Jill Mock

June 11, 2019 By Catherine Norcott

On Wednesdays, Jill Mock brings an extra boost of energy and positivity to the Chicago Studio.  She is warm and…
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ABC7: Arts of Life celebrates abilities, creativity

June 4, 2019 By Anne Cauley

By Hosea Sanders and Marissa N. Isang CHICAGO (WLS) -- For nearly two decades Arts of Life has been dedicated to providing artists…
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Arts of Love: 2019 Spring Appeal

May 21, 2019 By Morgan Mandalay

In David Krueger’s long list of what love is (“a flower blooming in a garden,” a painting of people walking…
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New Trier High School Visit-April 2019

May 17, 2019 By Diane Florian

On April 18th, the Glenview studio welcomed 15 high school students from New Trier High School, located in Winnetka, IL.…
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Volunteers Matter

May 17, 2019 By Lexi Krebs

Volunteers are an inertial part of our community. They provide support and stability to almost every aspect within daily studio…
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Two women talking while seated.

Chicago Studio Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Ruppert

May 17, 2019 By Catherine Norcott

Mary Ruppert has had a long term interest in participating in intentional community.  She first explored it as a member…
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