Poetry Workshops at the North Shore Studio

January 12, 2017 By vincent-uribe

In addition to being stellar visual artists, many folks at the North Shore studio have an interest in creative writing. Long-time volunteer Cindy Shanker facilitated several poetry workshops at the end of 2016 for those wordsmiths. First, the group listened to some poetry read aloud to get the creative juices flowing. Then they worked together to create poems inspired by each other’s artwork. “The idea is still evolving,” said Cindy. “Our ultimate goal might be an art show where each piece of art has a poem accompanying it.”  Artists have expressed interest in more workshops, so we’ll continue to hold them in 2017. Here’s a selection of poems from the 2016 workshops. The images that inspired the writing are in the gallery below, so see if you can match them up! Hint: Hover over the image with the cursor to learn which work inspired which poem, the title of the piece and the creator.  Poem 1 Glass window, a reflection of our future.When I look out the window I see a blue sky.I see a tall building dressed in red andI see the warm yellow sun shining through the glass.When I step back I see all the colors, the shapes and the reflection.One more thing I see is a light shining through the glass, areflection of myself.  Poem 2 I love LucyEthel is so beautifulFunny girls  Poem 3King David is a hungry Elephant,and a sassy elephant, too.He steals peanuts and hay and makes people laugh.He sprays water on the crowd and makes people scream and howl;so happy when it is hot.The circus is lucky to have King David as their number one elephant.  Poem 4The color of the heartIs pretty to seeAs long as we havePeace in the world.  Poem 5 Thy FlagChalk moving in wavesThy Sanskrit winds blow movement into shadows in thy centuryThree dimension vibration mirror reflection as wide spacesWhen breeze ripples through wind charms of thy dream catchers  Poem 6 The sky is peacefulI hear clicketty clack,as the train is moves quickly.Some things I see are a blur.I hear the whistle blow.I love to eat diner car food.The train is the greatest ride ever. This train takes you back in time.