Roy Lichtenstein Inspired Piece by Benji

April 16, 2015 By vincent-uribe

I was thinking about the work of Roy Lichtenstein and how it Inspires me. I visited The Art Institute last summer and saw the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit. I like how the images are created using dots. I wanted to try and use the structure, arrangement, and color of dots to form an image, like in R.L.’s work. In my drawing, I try to create an interesting composition using dots and shapes. R.L.’s work also inspires my comic style.  Comics often involve high contrast and bright colors. I try to find inspiration from other comic artists.I chose to draw a rose, because I like flowers and springtime. Roses are often symbols of love and appreciation. I chose to color the rose pink to express these themes. I used contrasting colors to make the image stand out.