Russell Copenharve: North Shore Studio’s Artist of the Month

April 13, 2018 By dflorian

Russell Copenharve finds inspiration everywhere: land- and cityscapes, people, exhibits he attends … even hamburgers. He produces work with ease and finds joy in discussing his projects with others. While art making, Russell uses hard edges, bold contours, and striking colors to design attractive works that explore the relationship between stillness and movement. The stillness in Russell’s artwork can be observed in his imagery – in static buildings, houses, and mountains. But when combined with his swift strokes – usually in pink, purple, orange, and green – the fixed objects in his compositions come alive. As Russell’s practice continues to grow, so does his ability to capture energy and emotion. Though he generally prefers working with acrylic and pastels, Russell is not known to back down from trying new mediums and concepts. This month is no exception.

Curatorial committee member Aaron Kleeblatt interviewed Russell Copenharve to find out more about his inspiration and creative practice.

Aaron Kleeblatt (AMK): What themes do you pursue in your work?

Russell Copenharve (RC): All different things. Landscapes and the city.

AMK: Why do you like painting them so much?

RC: I don’t know. I like painting something different.

AMK: Which tool or material could you not create without?

RC: Oh that’s a hard one…PAINT. I work with canvases and paint brushes.

AMK: What inspires you [makes you feel excited] to create art?

RC: I’m excited to come here and work. I’m excited to paint and show people my artwork.

AMK: Describe the project you are currently working on.

RC: I don’t know. It’s a landscape.

AMK: What makes you feel most yourself or when do you feel the most comfortable?

RC: When art making and selling my art work.

AMK: If you could see your work on exhibition anywhere, where would it be?

RC: All different places. Like Chicago. Wisconsin. Any place-all over.

AMK: Okay. What would you tell other artists?

RC: Art is easy… It’s easy for me.