Steve Harhaj: November Artist of the Month

November 12, 2020 By megan-harrigan

Congratulations are in order for Steve Harhaj who was selected by his peers on the curating committee as our November artist of the month! Steve boasts a 13 year tenure among the ranks of Arts of Life artists, and his prolific art practice is evidence of the years of work he has spent cultivating his artistic practice.

This month’s article features a selection of Steve’s most recent works accompanied by accolades from his peers.

Stefan Harhaj, Fishes, 2020

“You know, he is such a great artist and friend that I cherish knowing. So, the fact that he is the artist of the month this month is just icing on the cake for me. He does such a good job. When it comes to his practice, he’s so focused and that’s what’s what’s key there, you know? Being focused and sort of realizing that this is what he was made to do for the rest of his life. I don’t think he realizes it, but this is what he was BORN to do! 
His art is so nice because it’s about him and what he wants to do. I love the fact that no one is questioning his art practice. ” –Ted Gram-Boarini

Stefan Harhaj, Flowers and Trees and Leaves, 2020

“Steve’s stuff has changed through the years even though he is drawing the same things. He sticks with the same thing like me but when he’s done he tries to take it a little bit further. I’m happy he’s artist of the month, he’s come a long way from just drawing one thing. He’ll paint one thing and then leave a bunch of negative space. I kinda got him out of that. I told him, “Steve, for your art to sell you gotta put more than one thing on the page. I can be small or big but it’s not gonna carry you a long way unless it’s really something that pulls people in”. –Ardillio Anderson

Stefan Harhaj, Hearts and Flowers and Leaves, 2020

“Animals. Black White Zebra. Black White Zebra. Animals” –Lawrence M.

“Steve does beautiful artwork. I hope he will continue on his quest for making beautiful artwork.” –Nikki Heusman

“His pictures bring so much joy and sunshine! I love these.” -Cindy Shanker

Stefan Harhaj, Self Portrait, 2020

 “Steven artworks is the best in the world” –Omar Abulsheikh

“I think he’s a nice person. His artwork is really good and pretty too. I think he is a really good artist someday. He is now!” –Becky Kubica

Stefan Harhaj, USA Flag, 2020

“Land of the free. Home of the brave. Because it’s an American Flag. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.” –Aaron Kleeblatt