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February 25, 2020 By vincent-uribe

Denise Fisher (49) talks to her coworker Hilary Marshall (35) about the Arts of Life organization and its founding artists, on the occasion of the agency’s 20 year anniversary.


Recorded May 23, 2019
42:10 minutes

01:00DF talks about the beginning of the Arts of Life organization.
06:10DF describes the relational model that Arts of Life employs and why it’s important.
11:40DF talks about the challenge of running a social service agency in Illinois.
17:30DF talks about how Arts of Life is different from other organizations.
20:00DF talks about the importance of keeping the organization small.
24:30DF talks about some of the founding artists.
31:20DF talks about the role of volunteers.
37:40DF talks about the slow process of becoming known as an agency.