Disparate Minds: Mysterious Feelings at Circle Contemporary

Circle Contemporary, the only Chicago space dedicated to integrated programming, has consistently offered ambitious and thoughtful group exhibitions since its founding early last year. Curated by Corrie Thompson, Mysterious Feelings brings together a highly varied selection of Chicago-based artists – SAIC alumni Diane Christiansen and Kelly Reaves, Arts Of Life artists Susan Pasowicz and Lee Draus, Pratt alumna Emily Lindskoog, and Jordan Martins, a current lecturer at SAIC who received his MFA at Universidade Federal da Bahia in Brazil. Overall, the show delivers on its promises:

Methods of omission, erasure, distortion, and addition are used to obscure an image in order to visually resolve it and introduce uncertainty. Together the pieces hint at something hidden in the picture, giving way to the unknown. Mysterious feelings surface in the tension between what is seen and unseen, what is familiar and unfamiliar. 

An obscured image disorienting the viewer is an essential, almost defining dynamic of abstraction; here it feels limitless in its possible variations as Mysterious Feelings is a careful selection from diverse bodies of work striving to find new ideas within this framework. These are projects which live in a space prioritizing process and experimentation, digging into and following concepts organically.