Press Release: Rep. Schakowsky meets artists from Arts of Life studio

This week, Rep. Jan Schakowsky met with 4 artists from the Arts of Life Studio, a non-profit in Glenview, Illinois whose mission is to “advance the creative arts community by providing artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities a collective space to expand their practice and strengthen their leadership.”  

Each of the four artists who met with Rep. Schakowsky will have a piece of art hung up in the Congresswoman’s Glenview office for the next year. After the meeting, Rep. Jan Schakowsky released the following statement:

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with Russell, Jack, Aaron, and Amanda from Arts of Life today. I am honored that their artwork will be hanging in my Glenview office for the next year, and am thankful for the wonderful relationship we have with Arts of Life, which provides artists with intellectual and development disabilities a space to unleash their artistic abilities.  I welcome the public to stop by to view their artwork in my office.”

Denise Fisher, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Arts of Life, said the following:

“Arts of Life is proud to support 60 adult artists with disabilities in Chicago and the North Shore. Exciting partnerships like this help to increase the visibility and to support the professional development of our artists. It is an honor to continue our partnership with a fresh exhibition of work in Rep. Schakowsky’s office. We wish her continued success and thank her for being a strong voice for equality.”