Ted Gram Boarini: North Shore Artist of the Month

May 10, 2018 By vincent-uribe

From envisioning a double sided interactive canvas to rocking out with his Djembe in Van Go Go Ted Gram Boarini is not afraid to put himself out there. Not only is Ted an avid maker and natural artist but an important advocate for the whole arts collective. When he is not deeply engaged in his current work in progress you can find Ted helping his friends, offering advice, lending an ear, connecting with peers, promoting the band or advertising studio events. Ted has recently been featured in a collection at the Waisman Center in Madison Wisconsin as well as exhibitions in the Glenview Public Library, Carson’s Furniture Gallery and St Philip Lutheran Church. We are honored to feature Ted as May 2018 Artist of the Month. Enjoy an interview between studio artist Aaron Kleblatt and Ted Gram Boarini

Aaron: How do you feel about being artist of the month?

Ted: I feel great. It’s a very awesome feeling. It’s a very kind of private feeling. But it feels very open to me in some ways too.

Aaron: What is your favorite subject to paint?

Ted: My favorite subject to make is people because the person I get my knowledge from is from my mom and my dad. Because they’re both artists.

Grace: Did you have a lot of art in your life growing up as a kid?

Ted: Yeah I went to art classes growing up

Aaron: if you could be featured in any museum where would it be?

Ted: I would love to answer that question but I really don’t know because there are a lot of museums that my parents and I go to but I’ve never thought about my work being featured in one?

Aaron: Maybe the Art institute of Chicago or the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ted: Yeah any of those would be great because the way I see it they really care about the art because any person whether it’s music, dance or paint no matter where they want to go they feature all kinds of art. When I told my parents that I was artist of the month they were really happy and most of my friends were too.

Aaron: What is your favorite past time? What do you like to do when you are not here?

Ted: Music, I love movies, I love going to concerts, I love being a musician, becuase my dad was a musican before he joined Van Go Go, which is the band here. He was in a band called The Cool Dreams. He and I have like minded interests. Some of our music is like minded.

What do you like about the Arts of Life in general?  

For me I feel free when do art here, meaning I don’t feel closed off. I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to. I feel that every artist should feel that, even you Aaron!

Ted: What do you feel when you do art?

Aaron: I feel good about it

TGB: It makes me feel free like people care about me. The freedom is when I do art, when I do dance, when I’m asked to perform, I feel free.