Ted Hamel: The Nevada northern vs. Evil Demon Bugs

March 15, 2019 By lexi-krebs

Ted Hamel’s latest string of drawings all seems to depict elaborate stories that play out on the paper featuring featuring Harry Potter characters and assorted trains with various moods. He draws each story as it unfolds. Each character and the text, gets added to paper as his story develops.

According to Ted, all his stories recently have been about the villains he draws: “it is always about the villain. The villain isn’t always defeated.” The villains often remain unharmed at the end, especially because, “Ron isn’t a hero. Ron is afraid. Ron is my favorite!”

The story that accompanied his wonderful sketch today was magical.  Today, I was able to get the full story behind his current work of art; something most people don’t have the privilege of hearing.

Here is The Nevada northern vs. Evil Demon Bugs as told to me by Ted Hamel:

It starts with Ron Weasley. He is terrified. An evil demon Bugs Bunny is big. He jumped out of a TV appearing. Evil Demon Bugs Bunny is there to get Ron. He yells, “Hey Ron, I’m evil Demon Bugs Bunny!”

“Bloody Hell its Bugs Bunny the demon” Ron says to himself. Ron is afraid.

The equally evil, Nevada Northern train comes from Nevada. He is there to do battle!

Through his evil teeth he yells “Bring it on Bugs!” An epic battle begins. Ron was too afraid to jump in. The Evil Nevada Northern train runs over Evil Demon Bugs. He is defeated. The Nevada Northern train is happy. He is still evil!

Hermione is at the right side of the page with a big smile on her face: “40, YOU ARE MY HERO!”  The Nevada Northern says “Thanks Hermione” and continues on his way. Ron is still scared.


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