Thank you, IlliniCare Health!

October 30, 2017 By vincent-uribe

A big THANK YOU to our friends at IlliniCare Health for supporting The Arts of Life!On October 24th Jeannette Noga, a Program Specialist at IlliniCare Health, visited our North Shore with a wonderful gift – a check for $2,170! She met with Jack O’Sullivan (Artist of the Month) to look at his portfolio of work and purchased a piece of work by Quinn Zenner to add to her office art collection. Van Go Go also gifted her with their latest albumn! Here is what some of our artists had to say about this suprised donation and Jeannette’s visit:”Jeannette is nice. It’s good to meet her. We had a tour together.” – Rebecca Turner “What are we gonna do with all this money? I think we need more big canvases. And new chairs. Get rid of the old chairs and get new ones. The money goes in the bank, then we can get some things for the studio.” – Russell Copenharve”What do I think of a donation like that? It’s very good, that’s what I think!” – Yordan Yanev”That donation was amazing. Money like that doesn’t just come out of thin air. IlliniCare Health is a company that really likes what we’re doing here and I’m honored to receive their donation.” – Ted Gram-Boarini  Thank you to Jeannette and the entire team at IlliniCare Health!