Thank you Whole Foods Northbrook! $4,269.76 Community Support Day Donation

November 8, 2015 By vincent-uribe

This past August, Whole Foods of Northbrook invited The Arts of Life’s North Shore studio to participate in their Community Support Day! Whole Foods donated 5% of their sales from Tuesday, August 11 to The Arts of Life and we were eagerly awaiting the results. Recently, North Shore studio artists and Van Go Go musicians Hector, Nikole, and Russell went to Whole Foods Northbrook and accepted a $4,269.76 check on behalf of The Arts of Life and performed in-store! Hector and Nikole recapped the event:Hector: The time at Whole Foods was great. We helped John set up for a rockin out performance. Somes people came in and listened and other listened to our music while they worked. We were there for an hour to do a set of songs that Nikole, Ted, Russell, Pam, Montell, and I wrote. Songs like Wake up, Monster man, Love makes you happy, Tennessee, Danger to society, Crazy new, Bad girls, Heartless man, and It’s gonna to rain. We also thanked the nice manger Sarah for letting us be there. Nikole: Meeting other people was a great experience and fun for Van Go Go. They donated $4,269.76 to help out the studio. Thanks to that money we now have enough money to get a new dishwasher and other supplies that we may need. Sarah and her staff were nice enough to put out the vegetable trays and fruit trays, chips and juice. We passed out flyers with our concert dates and the place of where there going to be. We let people know about our cd release party out in chicago at comfort station in logans square. 2579 n. Millwaukee ave at 6:30pm on friday november 20th.  Again we would like to say thank you to Whole Foods!