The Art of Words

June 13, 2018 By megan-harrigan

The North Shore studio’s poetry group proudly unveils their newly minted poetry book The Art of Words. Rich in language and artwork, the book features 15 poems accompanied by original works made by studio artists.

“When you think about it that’s what it’s all about—pushing boundaries.” -Ted Gram Boarini

The poetry group, led by long-time volunteer Cindy Shanker, worked together weekly to select artwork to base their poems on. They then worked collaboratively to craft each original poem and select the most poignant works to feature in their book.

“Look at all the pictures. I like the words.” -Susie

The first edition of this 34 page, full color, bound book is a limited to 50 copies. At $25 each they are selling fast, so get your copy while you can!

“Makes you happy. Makes you enthralled. Nostalgic.” -Aaron Kleeblatt

Contributing artists: Russell Copenharve, Cole Fox, Amanda Gantner, Phil Gazzolo, Ted Gram-Boarini, Ted Hamel, Laura Greenberg, Nikole Heusman, David Jonaitis, Aaron Kleeblatt, Rebecca Kubica, Susie M., Carol Pyes, Ed Rawski, Cindy Shanker, Andrew Sloan, Chris Viau, Quinn Zenner

TO PURCHASE: Contact North Shore studio Arts Coordinator Megan Harrigan at // 847-486-0808

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