The Arts of Lift + ArtLifting!

July 17, 2017 By vincent-uribe

Arts of Life is thrilled to announce the launch of a new partnership with ArtLifting! ArtLifting empowers artists living with homelessness or disabilities through the celebration and sale of their artwork. Arts of Life is excited for the ArtLifting platform to feature four of our studio artists, making a range of high-quality prints available for purchase.  Chicago studio artists Alex Scott and Guy Conners, along with North Shore studio artists Ted Gram-Borarini and Chris Viau, are the first selected for this unique opportunity. ArtLifting’s mission focuses on creating opportunity, empowerment, and validation for the artists featured on their platform.

Each artist featured on the ArtLifting platform has a curated selection of work, scanned at a high resolution to ensure the best reproduction prints. Every artist featured on ArtLifting earns 55% from the profit of each sale, and 1% of each sale price goes toward strengthening art services for community partners, like Arts of Life, that support ArtLifting artists. For our friends and supporters of Arts of Life this means an easier way to support these artists by being able to order custom prints directly through ArtLifting.

Check out our artist profiles on ArtLifing:
Guy Conners is no stranger to living a disciplined life to achieve his goals. With a keen sense of visual perception, Guy has developed his own style of photorealism. Utilizing a variety of media including colored pencils, paint, and oil pastels, Guy’s work focuses on the often-overlooked details that build life.
Ted Gram-Boarini is following his family’s creative traditions. As a self-identified multidisciplinary artist, Ted’s creative practices are inextricably linked. Each of his creative practices influences the others. In his paintings, Ted’s use of color plays a dominant role.
Alex Scott makes art to be seen. He is driven to create artwork because being an artist is a large part of his identity, His artistic voice can be identified through strong line work, simple shapes and flat colors for his compositions.
Christopher Viau is committed to follow the path his creativity reveals to him. A technically accomplished artist, Christopher isn’t married to one style or media. Instead, he allows the inspiration and concept of the piece to guide him to the correct materials that will communicate his message.