The Latest Hijinks from North Shore Studio’s Photo Group

September 1, 2015 By vincent-uribe

 The North Shore Studio’s photo group proudly presents a new series of photographs for your viewing pleasure! Our latest endeavor was a group effort where the artists threw objects upwards and photograph them as they sailed through the sky! The challenge was to find objects that move through the air in an interesting way and that interact nicely with sunlight. The artists searched the studio for subject matter and took turns operating the camera and throwing objects over the camera’s field of view. This was an exercise in being open to chance as these photographs were taken without the benefit of using the viewfinder. (The camera was on a tripod low to the ground, and a cable release was used to trip the shutter.) Artists were asked to imagine the trajectory of the object over the camera’s field of vision as they captured the photos. We explored the concept of “happy accidents”: an unintended artistic outcome that is beautiful and amazing in its own right… and sometimes even more powerful than the original idea.Viva la happy accidents!