Tim Stone at EDITION Chicago

September 24, 2014 By vincent-uribe

Last Friday I went on an art show fair trip with Vincent, Alex, and Guy.  It was really interesting because it had different art groups and art galleries that show their work.  Vincent’s art gallery was there too, but his artwork not on display.  Out of all of the galleries, my favorite one was LVL3.  I really liked this one artist’s work that was on display at the LVL3 art booth at the art fair.  All the stuff was really good, I liked that they were mixed media and abstract.  I was very pleased that Vincent asked me to go and had a fun time meeting other galleries and artists. I’m really liking the new media I am working with in addition to my acrylic work.  I never knew how fun it would be to work with paint chips, I was very hesitant at first.  I thought no one would buy my stuff like that because a lot of my fans enjoy my acrylic mixed media with shapes.  After I went to the art show it changed my mind about the collage work I am doing.  I am digging this new form of work in addition to my usual form of work.  I am very excited about it and to share it with my fans!