Valentine Cheer Project with Trinity Volunteer Corp

February 22, 2014 By vincent-uribe

This February Mike, Steve, Frances, Walter, Caitlin and I went to different Ronald McDonald Houses to make Valentine’s Day cookies and cards for sick children and their families. We wanted to take care of them and make them great food and cookies.  We set up a Valentine station and passed out cards to show the kids how fun it is to make art and Valentine’s Day cards.  We had a grand ol’ time.   I loved going to the Ronald McDonald Houses to have fun and to get out of the studio and mingle with people in the community.  

We put up paintings all over the houses like in the living room and kitchen and even on the piano.  The paintings help show the kids what we do at The Arts of Life and make them feel good inside and cheerful.  Maybe they will like our artwork and come take a tour at our studio.  I liked going over there so much, it made me feel happy to be a role model to the little kids. I love kids and they like me, too.

Volunteering is important because I get to learn different things. When I volunteer I get to teach people to do the right thing, being a role model in the community. When I volunteer I teach people about respect.  It shows you can grow up and be a good artist and a great person.  I am a good teacher, I want to teach kids how to be an artist.  I want to keep being a volunteer and teaching, I’ll never stop doing it!

I would like to do more volunteer projects.  Thank you to Trinity Volunteer Corps and Ronald McDonald House for letting us come help!