Volunteer Appreciation Month at the Chicago Studio

April 12, 2017 By vincent-uribe

Each April, non-profit organizations across the country take time to thank their volunteers.  At The Arts of Life’s Chicago Studio, it is a perfect time for us to reflect on just how much we have to be thankful for.  We partnered with over 40 volunteers last fiscal year, many of whom are active in our day-to-day operations.  During that time, volunteer support at the Chicago Studio added up to a total of 2,750 hours, the equivalent of 4.5 full time staff members.   Volunteer participation is visible in range of tasks and projects at our studio including, but not limited to, supporting artists with artmaking and daily studio tasks, facilitating artists’ goals, and running studio transportation at the end of each day.  Volunteers may mentor studio artists one-to-one, present their own artwork, or prepare for events and exhibitions.  They contribute to daily efforts to keep the studio clean and organized.  Volunteers also share their expertise in graphic design, archiving, accounting, and more.   Volunteers are an integral part of our collective.  They are humble, kind, and patient.  They take initiative over and over again to lend support and help make our studio a better place.   We will gather to recognize and celebrate all they do for us at How We Make It.  This annual celebration will be held at our Chicago Studio on Friday, April 21st from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.  Members of the general community are welcome to join us for food and fun in their honor.   To all our past and current volunteers: Happy Volunteer Appreciation Month!  A heartfelt thank you from everyone at the Chicago Studio for all you do!