Volunteer Spotlight David Bremer

April 6, 2016 By vincent-uribe

Meet David Bremer, an artist with an eye for color and an enthusiasm for all things creative that is contagious. David graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a B.A. in Art and Design. A man of many mediums, David draws, paints, and sculpts. David loves working with two dimensional and three dimensional geometric forms, carefully combining these shapes with colors to create vibrant and interesting representations of people, animals and nature. To learn more about David, check out the interview below. To learn more about David’s art practice check out his websitehttp://davidwbremer.wix.com/artist INTERVIEW: Ed: How did you hear about the arts of Life? David: I heard about it from the Chicago Artist Resource Website. I applied for a job here, but didn’t get the job. Instead they offered me the opportunity to volunteer here at the Arts of Life and I gotta say, it was actually a great opportunity for me to volunteer here. I get to be really involved in my degree.  Ed: Well that’s good. Did you know any of the other artists before starting or…? David: No, I did not know anybody. Wait no, actually, I did know one artist at the arts of life. Her name is Rebecca or Becky. We used to work together at Mystic Waters a long time ago.  Ed: Where is Mystic Waters? David: Mystic Waters is in downtown Des Plaines on Miners Street.  Ed: Oh yeah. That’s nice. What do you like about the Arts of Life? David: What do I like about the Arts of Life…I get to see many amazing paintings and get to meet a bunch of other artists here.  Ed: Oh, I know that. What do you like most about being in the studio environment? David: What I like most about the studio environment is helping other artists with what they need  help with like feedback on how great they are all doing. Ed: What kind of work are you looking to do when you are here? David: Well, mostly painting. I like to work with acrylic paints.  Ed: Acrylic paints? Like you do acrylic? Do you like oil pastels? David: Just, like acrylic and working on canvases mostly. Ed: Are you an artist and if so what kind of art do you do? David: I am an artist. I graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a degree in Art and Design. I do sculpting, paintings, and drawings mostly, and I am trying to get myself into printmaking, like screening and print blocking.  Ed: That’s good. Do you have a favorite artist?  David: That…I don’t actually have a favorite artist. I haven’t been doing any research.  Ed: How about any of our artist’s work or like the work in the back? (Gesturing to our Library) David: Well yeah, I do get to see a bunch of artist’s work here. But I actually…Yeah Ed: What do you do when you are not at arts of life? David: I myself make artwork, I work out a lot to keep myself in shape, I also practice using my voice for singing again. Ed: Singing again? David: Yeah. Ed: Are you putting a piece in the Square Foot Show? David: Yes I am. It’s actually titled Shapes and Colors. Ed. That is nice. So that is the one that you do with shapes and colors. You put them together. Megan did it or you did it? David: I actually designed the piece myself and Megan hung it up on the wall. It’s the piece that has that blue circle with the yellow star in the middle. Ed: I saw that. It’s nice. David: Thanks Ed: Hey Kelly!….She’s busy right now. Ahem…cough…So, you don’t come to arts of life that much.  David: Right. Ed: You have to go and work at the…um…that different Job then…Making bundt cake? David: Yeah.